Piano Program

Students receive weekly private lessons one hour in length. In addition to weekly lessons, they are expected to attend monthly group performance classes.

Students are expected to have access to a well maintained  
acoustic piano  to practice regularly.

Program  includes:

  • Emphasizing on musicianship development, solfege (do-re-mi) singing, developing proper piano playing technique, sight-reading, ear-training, music theory,  improvising & composing,  repertoire building, performance technique, music history & appreciation

  • Learning of various music styles with classical music be the focus. Based on the interest of students, music styles such as Jazz, popular, Church music and fakebook, etc are studied.

  • Individualized lesson focusing on teaching students how to learn on their own and to play by ear, and on developing overall musicianship to become a well-rounded musician

  • Learning how to play solo and ensemble in public by performing at  group performance classes, and recitals

  • Using computer software to aid the learning of  music theory, ear training and composing

  • Preparing participating students for piano  competitions, and/or Certification of Merit by Music Teachers of California (MTAC)  held yearly at Stanford University
McCool Music Studio